Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Baby goslings just arrived! :)
I ordered 10 a few weeks ago and they came today! I sadly cant name them yet, because we ordered straight run. but Julie REALY wants to name one snow white. and I named one Honkers because he/she will not stop "peeping." They are White Chinese geese and they LOVE swimming. Chinese geese are actually Swan geese because they look so much like swans. they mostly will eat weeds, and do not really prefer chicken food, and would rather "weed."

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I'm back! :-)

Yes, it has been a while but my other computer crashed, and the hard drive broke with everything on it. So since I can use another one, I can give you some updates on what is going on;

First, my beloved horse had to be put down, I made a tribute to Wyatt so here it is.


We will miss you, Wyatt. We will miss your funny personality and your cute disposition. I know I will never see you ever again, but you will always be in my heart.

I was trying to think of what you have taught me. I was thinking for a long time, and I finally figured it out.

You taught me to be relaxed when I ride. I remember when I was riding you one day. I was so frustrated that I wanted to blow up! You would NOT go forward. You put on your brakes and wouldn’t budge. Grandma was with me, and she tried to guide me through it, but you would not walk forward. 

I tell him "Goodbye."

Right then and there I did not notice that I was not being quiet with my hands, and I was very stiff in my seat. So I kept kicking and complaining. The next time I rode you, Wyatt, I saw that you were just as nervous as me. You didn’t want to be tacked up, and you didn’t want me to pick your feet.

I got irritated and angry. You sensed it and mimicked what I did, so it was a nasty ride . . . until I finally recognized that horses DO mimic people’s feelings. Right then I relaxed my hands, let the reins loose, loosened my back, sat back a little, and tried to enjoy the ride. I have to say that THAT was my best ride. And one of our last…

You also taught me how to handle difficult horses, because sometimes you were VERY difficult.  You have bucked, bolted, and reared with me and my brother countless times, but I still got back on. I tried to work you through those awful problems, but you still kept doing them.

But I did not give up, and I did not give you your own way. And after a few months you slowly stopped them! I was SO proud, and I am still proud right now. And that was the amazing thing to me.

I was tired of riding lazy horses (Lacey, to be exact) and you were a breath of fresh air! I LOVED the thrill of galloping bareback on the roads and having the wind whip through my face. THAT was amazing, and truly thrilling.

I still miss that you will never nod your head for treats again, you will never again bloat the BEST you could whenever I cinched you up. You will never try to eat the hose when you were drinking from it. And I will never gallop you bareback ever again, and that’s what really hurts.

I will never EVER see you again, but I thank you for the fun times we had together. You taught me so much, and I just want to say, “Thank you.”


Wyatt had to be put down today because he had a continuing problem with his legs. He kept getting hurt, and two days ago he REALLY got hurt in his back leg. We got the vet out yesterday, and she said it was best if he was put down. She could have helped him with antibiotics and Bute. But another abscess would follow this one, and on and on. Wyatt was also very old, mid-to late twenties. So, we made the hard decision for him to be put down humanely.

This morning he was shot and now lies buried in our pasture. I know it was the right thing to do because he was in SO much pain. I said “goodbye” to him before the person came over, and Wyatt was crying a little from all the pain his leg gave him. I told him he would not feel any pain any longer.                                                                              

 Goodbye, my sweet friend. 
Ellianna Ross


Wyatt was a wonderful horse, and I miss him a ton, but I will be buying a new horse soon! and that is exciting. :) I cant wait to buy another horse, and this time I am going to buy a young one.
I also really want a mare because I do not really like geldings. Its hard to say why, but I just love them. :)

Velvet and coffee are still alive, and cute as ever! they are almost 4 months, and are trained to lead.
coffee is well, (A little)

Almost all my pets on the "My pet page" are dead... so I will go ahead and fix that page.
I just can not take pictures because I'm not at home, I am at a hotel for a week. (I will tell you why next week or so.)

I got 2 purebred mini rex bunnies for breeding! they are the only ones I have, and Luna, (the female) is expecting soon. :)  so that is very exciting too!

We are getting kittens soon! late next week, :-)
2 orange tabby's, one grey female, and I am totally not sure, but maybe a black girl, (if they don't want to keep her.)

 They are adorable!! :-) don't you think?

Ellianna R.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

We got baby goats!!!

Really quick update on stormy,
He was not doing very well with us, he started to scour a lot, so I gave him to my friend lainy.
She has a mamma cow that is now raising it!
I'm so happy he has a real mother now! ☺

Now the baby goats...

Yesterday, I found a Craigslist add for goats.
It said that the males were $15 ea.
And the females were $50 ea.
Mom, me, Susie and kristi went to go pick them up. We wanted 2 females, and 1 male.
When we were 1 mile to the goat farm,  you won't believe it! We got stuck in mud! It was about a foot and a half deep!
We all got out and walked around, it was a beautiful day! Lol!
Mom called the goat owner,  and he came whith a chain, and pulled the van out of the mud. And the then,  FINALLY we drove to the goat farm. There were 5,000 goats!!
They were EVERYWHERE!!!
He showed us the pen of baby goats,  and we picked 3 females and one male.
But, as we were getting in the car he said,  would you like a free one? So, now, we have 5! We hit home at 5:30pm and I had to feed the baby goats, get dressed, (I was baby sitting at the church that night) and eat in 30min!!
So here is my new baby goats! :)

Number 1.
 This is Stella!
I have to say, she is my favorite. Becouse she will literally jump in your lap when you sit down! She has a black stripe down her back. :) She is very sweet too! And always has TONS of energy,
Jumping, running, butting, ect.

Number 2.
 I have not really named her yet, I want to name her toffee, or velvet. Please let me know in the coments what you like best! ;)
She I SO energetic too! She is 3 days older than the rest of them though! She is quieter than stella. (Stella is CRAZY!!)

Number 3.
This is scarlet,
She is the most quietest becouse she really just likes to lick your fingers,
She is all brown,
And is a little princess.
Scarlet eats alphalfa already!

Number 4.

And than this is our new buck, Coffee & Cream! He is 3 colors and My 2nd favorite!
He will be the buck for the three females! :)

Number 5.
And lastly, the free baby goat, we will castrate him soon, he is susies baby goat and she named him cream puff.
He is a lamanche goat. He is not as active, But he is super cute!! He is the middle  white goat. :)

They are ADORABLE and they are just way to cute! Bottle baby goats are SUPER fun!

Ellie R.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My new calf!

To start out this post, I will go back 4 days to when this whole "calf thing" happened.
Last Saturday, about 12:30pm, Susie and I were cleaning horse stalls. They were REALLY bad! so it took a while. anyway, I went on our tractor/lawn mower type thing, and dumped all that horse manure into our compost pile. while i was sitting on the lawn mower, I saw a black lump through our neighbors barbed wire fence. I was at first thinking that a calf was just sleeping, but as i drove closer to that barbed fence It look dead! I was in panic and told Susie to "Run for her life!" to get Kevan, (i am not aloud in the neighbors pasture without Kevan) so, Kevan came, and went to go ask mom if he could go through all the nasty barbed wire to go see if the calf was really dead. he went through it, and yelled, "its a Dog!" i was in Evan more panic. "Whats wrong with it!" i yelled. Kevan came back to the fence because he didn't want it to hurt him. *smile* he told me it it was really bad of, and then i wanted to go look myself. i went through that AWFUL fence getting pricked a hundred times, and went about ten feet closer to it than Kevan had. it was not a dog, it was a baby Angus calf, only less than a week old. it was near starving because it looked SO weak! I ran back to our side of the fence and told mom and dad. dad went to get whole milk at the grocery store an hour later, after we had done a bunch of calls. i used a tiny little kitten milk re-placer bottle, that we had used on our bunnies. luckily it came with a big nipple, so it could, "kinda" work. i fed him three that evening. I worried about him a lot that night, hoping and praying he wouldn't get eaten, oh yeah, and that i could keep him, i LOVE him!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Update on bunnies!

Update on the baby bunnies,

They are growing fast! At only 3 weeks old, they are frisky little things!
The runt, I just bottle fed today because it
Did not gain any weight from the last few days! This is kit-cat. Isn't she the cutest little thing?

And here is cinnamon, one we are selling...
He is very frisky too! Cinnamon is a runt, too. Sadly, but all the others look like him! 

They are half, Holland lop, and half mini Rex.

We also have kevans bunnies, they are more than 3 weeks old! 3 are pure black, and his other 2 are white with grey feet, 
They are ADORABLE too!!
All together, we have 11 bunnies, and are selling 8 of them.

Most of the time, we try to find them under couches when we are weighing them!
Yes! They are curious little things!!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Baby Bunnies!

So, my rabbit Toffee Bars had 7 baby bunnies on January 2, they were all pink but today they are a creamish, brownish color! they are so tiny and can not open there eyes until they are 10 days old.
Now they are 2 days old and growing VERY fast! peanut butter was the father, so snickers has grand-kids now! (Evan though she is very dead)

Once the babies are ALL 6 weeks old, Kevan and i are selling 10 to the feed store. Kevan's rabbit snowball had 5 babies, so now we have a dozen! its CRAZY! especially when mom is annoyed about the stink of the rabbits inside the house because its WAY to cold in the mornings for newborn bunnies to be outside. anyway, toffee's babies all have floppy ears, I'm SO excited because peanut butter is a mini Rex and he does not have floppy ears.

The feed store sells Holland lop baby bunnies for $30! but we are selling the bunnies for much less.
Rex bunnies sell for $6.00, so we do not really know.

my bunnies names are:







and Sprinkles

Yes, i know if a few turn out  to be boys and if Daisy is a boy, that would be weird. :)
so, here is a picture of them. :-)

these were taken the day they were born.