Friday, January 4, 2019

Baby Bunnies!

So, my rabbit Toffee Bars had 7 baby bunnies on January 2, they were all pink but today they are a creamish, brownish color! they are so tiny and can not open there eyes until they are 10 days old.
Now they are 2 days old and growing VERY fast! peanut butter was the father, so snickers has grand-kids now! (Evan though she is very dead)

Once the babies are ALL 6 weeks old, Kevan and i are selling 10 to the feed store. Kevan's rabbit snowball had 5 babies, so now we have a dozen! its CRAZY! especially when mom is annoyed about the stink of the rabbits inside the house because its WAY to cold in the mornings for newborn bunnies to be outside. anyway, toffee's babies all have floppy ears, I'm SO excited because peanut butter is a mini Rex and he does not have floppy ears.

The feed store sells Holland lop baby bunnies for $30! but we are selling the bunnies for much less.
Rex bunnies sell for $6.00, so we do not really know.

my bunnies names are:







and Sprinkles

Yes, i know if a few turn out  to be boys and if Daisy is a boy, that would be weird. :)
so, here is a picture of them. :-)

these were taken the day they were born.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


So, it has been a Long time since I posted, so I thought I would give a update.

Yesterday I got the flu,and then Lacey lost her shoe.

Kevans rabbit had five babies, my bunny is having some any day,

I Got a brand new saddle!

I was going to celebrate my cats birthday today,  (she is now 5) but I was to sick.

My cousins came over 2 days ago, and left this afternoon.

Wyatt is now finally gaining weight!

Kristi just got the flu as I type, Julie already got over it.

My birthday is in exactly 6 weeks! I will be 14!

Lacey kicked our farrier!

So, that is the quick Update! I will try to post more soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

wyatt drinking hose water...

so, for today's post, i am posting a funny video of Wyatt eating water.
i had given him a bath and he took the hose and decided it tasted better than his trough water, but its actually the same water. just don't tell him that...
hope you like it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

i'm back!

Yep, i know... i have not posted for a LONG time.
Truth is... i was going to post yesterday, but a little horse (that we all know of) got into a little incident that made me post late. Thanks Wyatt...
yesterday morning i put him in his pasture with Lacey, than yesterday afternoon i was on my laptop
and glanced out the window, Wyatt was eating grass, so i left my laptop, went outside, and grabbed him and took him back to the pasture. Grandma and i found how he had escaped, apparently he found a lose board and started pushing against it and knocked it off the fence. than he went under and went next to our gait, pushed on that and ended up walking all the way to the front yard.

He is WAY to smart for a fence, and Lacey, (the prissy princess) didn't want to get out, probably to much work for a mare...
 i give all the credit to my beloved horse.

so, to finally get to this post i thought i would tell you that our family did Christmas pictures,
your probably like, Christmas pics in November? well we had Nathan back from collage for thanksgiving break and i guess we had to get them done before he went back...

so i actually got a picture of him with me!! but, he was SO muddy and nobody likes to have your christmas picture with a muddy horse. he was muddy becouse it has been raining for a few days straight, so i cant ride till the pasture harrdens.

so anyway here is a picture of him before we took the picture.

 so, we put him behind his stall door for this picture!!  i love it!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wyatt and lacey together

Well, after a few days of the horses getting to know one another, we finally put them in the pasture this morning. They had few problems at first, lacey showed HUGE dominance with him, she bit his skin with pinned ears, and wyatt did not like that so he kicked lacey with his hind leg. Here's a picture of them together. Notice how Wyatt stayed far away from her.

I also rode lacey the day before yesterday, and she acted AWFUL!! She bucked, bolted, reared and was just plain stubborn. Dad was coming home that night down the driveway, and lacey would not go forward. I kicked her and she did a big "hop" I almost fell off. Mom said she was glad I stayed on, she was watching the whole "show."

Wyatt has a fly issue that we have to put fly meds on it because it swells up REALY bad!

I'm counting down the days when laceys vet checkup will FINALLY come!!! It's in exactly 2 weeks. I'm sooooo excited!!
I will defiantly post That day, if she can have a foal or not. ❤❤❤ I might Evan be able to take pictures!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

So... It's been very very busy these past few weeks, first the ducklings hatched!! Hawk jr.  Hatched 9 black and yellow ducklings!
They are ADORABLE!!

And the second , a HUGE surprise!!
We bought another horse!! His name is Wyatt. He is 15.2hh and is 17yrs old. He Loves going fast! Just one click and he is in a fast lope, or gallop!! I love him so much!! We pick him up on Saturday!!
Again sorry for not posting lately, it's been  a VERY busy week!! Trying to get pastures ready for the second horse. 🤗

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

So here are a few questions I have answered for Lexi,
It is a fun "answer the questions, write out new ones thing." 😋😊

1. Would you like a windy or rainy autumn better? 

Uh, rain. I am sick of this heat!! I want a good soaking. 

2. Pumpkin spice, coffee or chai latte?

Chai latte all the way!! I LOVE chai tea!!

3. Stay inside with a warm cozy drink on your sofa, of go outside on an adventure and 
freeze half to death?

Go outside on an adventure and probably freeze, hey, I'm begging the weather to be 50s or 60s. 

4. Would you rather be the one up in the tree shaking down the leaves, or the one raking 
them up?

Shaking them, raking is Work.....

5. What is the craziest thing that you remember doing in autumn?

Getting a tarp and tying string in the holes so the heavy heavy wind can push us down the driveway, I flew down once. 😆

Click here to watch the video! BLOWING IN THE WIND

6. Favorite color of autumn leaf?

Orange, because it is my VERY favorite color. 

Thank you Lexi for these AWSOME questions!!

Here are my questions for whoever wants to answer them on their blog......

1. Riding outside in the hot heat or... playing in the sprinklers.

2. Going outside and riding in a water trough when it is flooding your property or... staying inside and watching a movie.

3. Hot chocolate, or cold chocolate?

4. Reading, or writing a story?

5. Brushing a horse in the barn when it's raining, or brushing it in the heat?

Thanks for reading!! You can copy the questions and paste them on your blogs!