Thursday, November 1, 2018

Well, after a few days of the horses getting to know one another, we finally put them in the pasture this morning. They had few problems at first, lacey showed HUGE dominance with him, she bit his skin with pinned ears, and wyatt did not like that so he kicked lacey with his hind leg. Here's a picture of them together. Notice how Wyatt stayed far away from her.

I also rode lacey the day before yesterday, and she acted AWFUL!! She bucked, bolted, reared and was just plain stubborn. Dad was coming home that night down the driveway, and lacey would not go forward. I kicked her and she did a big "hop" I almost fell off. Mom said she was glad I stayed on, she was watching the whole "show."

Wyatt has a fly issue that we have to put fly meds on it because it swells up REALY bad!

I'm counting down the days when laceys vet checkup will FINALLY come!!! It's in exactly 2 weeks. I'm sooooo excited!!
I will defiantly post That day, if she can have a foal or not. ❤❤❤ I might Evan be able to take pictures!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

So... It's been very very busy these past few weeks, first the ducklings hatched!! Hawk jr.  Hatched 9 black and yellow ducklings!
They are ADORABLE!!

And the second , a HUGE surprise!!
We bought another horse!! His name is Wyatt. He is 15.2hh and is 17yrs old. He Loves going fast! Just one click and he is in a fast lope, or gallop!! I love him so much!! We pick him up on Saturday!!
Again sorry for not posting lately, it's been  a VERY busy week!! Trying to get pastures ready for the second horse. 🤗

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

So here are a few questions I have answered for Lexi,
It is a fun "answer the questions, write out new ones thing." 😋😊

1. Would you like a windy or rainy autumn better? 

Uh, rain. I am sick of this heat!! I want a good soaking. 

2. Pumpkin spice, coffee or chai latte?

Chai latte all the way!! I LOVE chai tea!!

3. Stay inside with a warm cozy drink on your sofa, of go outside on an adventure and 
freeze half to death?

Go outside on an adventure and probably freeze, hey, I'm begging the weather to be 50s or 60s. 

4. Would you rather be the one up in the tree shaking down the leaves, or the one raking 
them up?

Shaking them, raking is Work.....

5. What is the craziest thing that you remember doing in autumn?

Getting a tarp and tying string in the holes so the heavy heavy wind can push us down the driveway, I flew down once. 😆

Click here to watch the video! BLOWING IN THE WIND

6. Favorite color of autumn leaf?

Orange, because it is my VERY favorite color. 

Thank you Lexi for these AWSOME questions!!

Here are my questions for whoever wants to answer them on their blog......

1. Riding outside in the hot heat or... playing in the sprinklers.

2. Going outside and riding in a water trough when it is flooding your property or... staying inside and watching a movie.

3. Hot chocolate, or cold chocolate?

4. Reading, or writing a story?

5. Brushing a horse in the barn when it's raining, or brushing it in the heat?

Thanks for reading!! You can copy the questions and paste them on your blogs!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Finally!! After waiting and waiting, the ducklings are hatching!! I candled them yesterday and one was moving. Than this morning one was pipping in the egg, so I put a "p" on it. Well.... I checked after dinner and a totaly different duckling hatched!! It is yellow and black, half mallard and half blue Swedish!!  It is ADORABLE!! I named it "puddles." And now the egg with the "p" is hatching!! I will take a picture of that tomorrow when it's not dark. Here are some pictures of puddles. 😊 and she LOVES THAT duckling!!!

Friday, September 28, 2018

It is finally official!!! Lacey is having her vet checkup to see if she can have a foal, to get her teeth floated, and vaccinations on the 16th of november, at 12.00 pm.

Than in April 2019, we are breeding her to "Moon" Laceys stud. He is 16.1hh high and is 20yrs old. He is a cremelo. Moon's owner, (sweat lady) said that if lacey has a red tail, than it is very possible she will give birth to a palimino. And yes, lacey does have a reddish tail. She ALSO has a white blaze,😉

Moons owner will take lacey for a couple weeks than give her back when she knows lacey is pregnant with a foal. Than lacey will have her foal next march.

So here is a couple pictures of "Moon."

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

So instead of buying a second horse we have decided to breed lacey!!!

We are thinking of breeding her this coming winter/spring and she will have her foal next year.

We are going to take her for a checkup to see if she is able to have a foal in November.  (we don't know laceys background before she was 15)
Than the vet will tell us a good time to breed her and how big we want the foal.

I am realy excited to see what foal lacey ends up having, and I am praying God will let lacey have a foal, and show us the right stallion for us!! 😄😊

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

So, we took Saturday of of cleaning the house and went to Columbia, a gold town near us. it was a TON of fun! first, we saw some weird, dumb chickens (Roosters) who want to cross the rode to get to the other side. Lol.

Second, we passed by lots of interesting places like genral stores from the 1800s. yup, peaple were dressed up to look like they were living in the 1800s.

Third, we took a ride in a stagecoach. That was my very favorite part of the trip. it was being pulled by 4, sixteen hand black horses. a person came out to water them with a bucket of water. than we were off! i was sitting next to a VERY squeaky wheel that was being annoying, but it was still really fun. my whole family went! including my Grandmother. (she came to babysit us while mom and dad went to Los veges for a day)

 And we also saw a really cool school house. I am SO glad we don't go to school there.

 Than we had ice cream! there were all sorts of different flavors, i had cookies and cream. So, that's the fun we had to today! I am so glad we went!